Anxiety and Stress
Anxiety and Blood Pressure are Treatable. Here's What you can Do.
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May 7, 2022
Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and Blood Pressure are Treatable. Here's What you can Do.

✨POV✨: Not sure if you're anxious about your hypertension or hyper-tensed because you're hyper-stress.
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What came first - anxiety or high blood pressure?  👀

Even though anxiety does not lead to high blood pressure for life, repeated episodes of anxiety disorder symptoms like heart palpitations can fluctuate and agitate blood vessels.
In other words, anxiety disorders do not necessarily develop hypertension - but regularly experiencing intense anxiety symptoms can increase blood pressure.

This can also mean that you're anxious because of your existing high blood pressure.
One can only imagine how stressful it might feel when you can't seem to control anxiety and high blood pressure.
But the relief through all of this is that your anxiety and high blood pressure can be treated.

What to do to treat anxiety disorder symptoms  🥶

Since we can't tell how our anxiety and hypertension are linked - here are a few ways to keep severe or recurrent anxiety symptoms and high blood pressure at bay.

🧠  Taking control of the narrative

Anxiety disorders can take over our thoughts which influence our behavior by creating specific patterns and habits.
This means that our thoughts hold a lot of power.
Here are some affirmations to help counter those anxious thoughts:

🥰  "I am enough and capable."
🧘🏽  "This moment is scary, but it will pass."
🌻  "My mental health is not up for compromise."

Or let being help with that - this first-of-kind self-therapy app has got you covered for any emotion you may be feeling.
Here, try this mini guided session out: I want to give myself some love today.

🌬  Deep breathing

Starting your day by focusing on breathing helps regulate mood and blood flow.
Want an easy way to go about this?
Check out being, where they have a mini guided session to start the day with. Here's one that you can try- I want to start my day with a mindful walk.

💆🏼‍♂️  Sleep

Nothing can beat what a good sleep or rest can do for us. It helps refresh our minds, allowing us to take on tasks more clearly.
Going to bed at a certain time helps turn that into a routine. It gets easier for your body to ease into sleep.
Guess what -with being, you get to d that too! Check out: I want to fall asleep easily.

Treating high blood pressure would look like this  🤗

🍽  Cut back on food that can spike blood pressure readings and anxiety

Watching what goes in your system can help control high blood pressure and physical symptoms of anxiety - you'll know what foods raise blood pressure or trigger anxiety.

Cut down the salt intake than usual, or excessive caffeine or even binge-drinking.
Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated with H2O!

🌥  Improving sleep

One way to do that is by indulging in calming activities can lead to a calmer state of mind, ultimately leading to standard blood pressure levels.
Fortunately, with being, you get to not only access sessions that can help you sleep but ones that can also help de-stress before bedtime.
Check out this mini guided session on being - I want to release the stress from my body before sleep.

🧐  Keeping a regular track

...of your blood pressure levels.
Early detection of high blood pressure and knowing what causes it can help prevent heart disease. Here’s a friendly reminder to visit your physician regularly to monitor your blood pressure levels!

To wrap it up  💜

Your anxiety and high blood pressure levels can be treated with a little bit of self-love and awareness.

In the interim, you can keep scrolling through the mini therapies and guided sessions designed by mental health specialists on being - any time and at any place!

Breathe! :)

For more on anxiety and high blood pressure - check Anxiety and Blood Pressure - Everything You Need to Know.


This is not a substitute for therapy.
Contact wellness professionals and medical professionals for any physical or mental health conditions. They have systematic review and treatment options like an anti-anxiety drug for severe or recurrent symptoms of anxiety disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, and depression treatment options. In case of a medical emergency like increased blood pressure spikes or chronic high blood pressure, visit your nearest health professional asap.

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