Anxiety and Stress
What Causes Anxiety in the Brain: 3 Ways to Cope With it in School
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May 7, 2022
Anxiety and Stress

What Causes Anxiety in the Brain: 3 Ways to Cope With it in School

✨POV✨: How does one juggle school tasks on top of all this stress to complete these school tasks?
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Did you know that when the brain floods with anxious or negative thoughts, the brain areas with higher cognitive centers are at work?

This is because this brain region is responsible for every emotion or feeling we experience.

Here's how that happens in our brain and central nervous system- the ventromedial prefrontal cortex dampens the blow of anxiety and fearful signals coming from the amygdala that amplify upon reaching the frontal lobe.
And when this part runs on fumes, that's when we experience stress.

Where did this anxiety stem from- types and physical symptoms of anxiety disorders  🧐

Due to genetic factors and family history, anxiety disorders tend to manifest differently in certain personality traits.

Other than genetic and environmental factors, life events, not only traumatic events, can contribute to a mental health condition that could manifest as a physical illness.
Anxiety disorders
also pose an increased risk to your physical health with physical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome.

👉🏽  Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

You experience anxiety symptoms like a racing heart, brain fog, and lack of focus or concentration.
You fear the day's uncertainty, and you can't stop worrying about everyday tasks like making phone calls or meeting a deadline.

👉🏽  Social anxiety disorder

This is when we dread social situations or social events.

Mental disorders like social anxiety make it tough to be around people without having racing thoughts, causing low self-esteem or self-confidence.

👉🏽  Panic disorder

Anxiety stemming from panic disorder leads to intense fear and panic attacks.
A panic attack is when negative thoughts lead to breathlessness that feels like a heart attack.

👉🏽  Post-traumatic stress disorder

Your anxiety could be underlying posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from a relevant experience that caused you chronic stress, anxiety, and trauma.

Tips to remember for your mental health  💜

🌬  Speak the truth

⏰   For when you wake up anxious: “I feel stressed, but it will pass.”
📚   For when you're anxious before school: “There is no obstacle I cannot overcome.”

🔕   For when social situations trigger anxiety: “I feel in control, and I'm calm in this new situation."
♥️   For when you need that extra self-love: “I can extend the same kindness to myself that I show my loved ones. I inhale acceptance. I exhale anxiety."

🧠  Recenter

Now, bring yourself back to the present - the here and now.
Maybe sitting in silence for a bit can help. Or perhaps a quick distraction to snap you back to what's true - like with being, you get to access calming tools designed by mental health specialists any time and at any place.
Pin this to start with; I am feeling anxious right now.

🌻  Fresh perspective

To keep yourself from slipping into the lies (negative thoughts) that come with your anxiety disorders, you have to ensure that you believe nothing can shake the fact that you are worthy and capable of everything healthy.

Let being help you trust your instincts to perceive things healthily - I want to trust my inner guidance when it gets overwhelming.

Before we conclude  🥰

You now know that there's more to your anxiety than just "regular teenage stress hormones."
Whenever you're looking for a respite from anxious thoughts - check out the mini guided therapies on being - the world's first of kind self-therapy app.
Breathe. You got this!


This is not a substitute for therapy. Consult your nearest wellness professionals, healthcare provider, or mental wellbeing professional for behavioral therapy, a treatment plan, or anti-anxiety medication for your mental illness/anxiety disorder like generalized anxiety disorder or other mental health conditions like major depressive disorder. Also, consider checking out organizations like the Anxiety and Depression Association for like-minded people who understand what you're going through.

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